Monday, 4 January 2016

From the Notes of Yesteryears- Power of Ethics in HR Management

Ms Padmaja Iyengar or Paddy as she is known in poetic and literary circles, had written on the blurb to my book "Straight from the Heart- thoughts and Experiences of an HR Professional" as also in a comprehensive review on the book later appreciating my 'documenting and knowledge sharing skills'.I have been sharing the information gained from attending a seminar or conference from the time I started writing  my blog in september 2012. It suddenly struck me that during earlier periods also I had taken notes from live seminars as also from books that I had read.It would be worthwhile to share these with readers and  it would help me also to go back and read them easily.

I start this  series with an interesting and enthusing subject "Power of Ethics in HR management". The speaker was Anil Sachdeva, CEO, Grow Talent and the period was around 2000- 2001 The speaker  stated that there is great strength in the (1) Power of unconditional love (2) Power of appreciation  and (3) Power of inspiration which need to be leveraged.. The biggest strength of India is its population.If the people of India are inspired, it could shake the world.Character is bigger than all the material wealth.The biggest role of HR is in creating character- remind people of the goodness within them.Every person is u nique and  has a role to play;every human being who works for you has a unique quality.HR's  focus should be on "How do you get ordinary people to recognize their greatness and the purpose of their taking human birth.

A person's real wealth are his values.The stakeholders look at the reputation of a company which in turn is dependant on organisational  values and values of its people.In a corporate scenario,  we should keep in mind that producing more with less is the  ultimate knowledge and ethics involves 'giving more than what you take.'  Businesses are places in which you discover who you are.Good ethics is living by your values; corporates with vision and values ensure sustainable development.

'Talent' which includes unrealised (potential) and realised ( competency) talent,  can be described as as a sum of capacities and values and.ethics is the key to make full use of talent. It is imporatnt to listen to stakeholders and act on them as "action speaks louder than words." Practising ethics requires the appropriate architecture with the work place being in harmony with values.This enables building of trust and HR has an important role in building  this environment.

We need to ask the question "What legacy are we leaving behind? Practising ethics is smart business and in giving, you always get more.HR should focus on weeding out inappropriate and unethical  behaviour.While hiring, developing,rewarding and recognizing people,  HR should keep in mind that they have the right values.Sharing the right stories and instaling the appropriate symbols is an important role of HR.


  1. Great notes and an insightful write on talent, ethics and character that remind people of the goodness within them! A wonderful beginning given to the New Year, Rajeev! Look forward to more! Do keep them coming!

  2. Thank you Padmaja! Feedback from readers like you is the motivation to write more...