Thursday, 2 July 2015

Straight From the Heart

Dear Readers I am happy to inform you that my maiden book “Straight from the heart-Thoughts and experiences of an HR professional” has been published by Cyberwit publications.
It consists of articles on HR and Learning & Development written under four sections:-

Section II   Leadership Thoughts
Section III  Experiments in L&D

In the Foreword Moid Siddiqui, Management Guru and celebrated author of over 25 management books writes  “In today’s world where ethical values are deteriorating with a fast pace, reading Rajeev’s book ‘Straight from the Heart’ is a necessity, not luxury.” I say that you can buy this book just for reading the powerful and erudite foreword of the management Guru; all else is a bonus.

I seek the support of my beloved readers for promoting the book- buy (costs less than what you would spend at the cinema), read and tell friends!