Monday, 18 August 2014

Leader or Follower?

The other day I received in my mail, forward of a quote by Management Guru, Shiv Khera which read " It is better to be a good follower than a bad leader." This set me thinking...

If you want a grove of oranges, would sowing apples help?The question may seem absurd.yet,this is what we are doing all the time.In the last three decades management institutes and corporates have been progressively underscoring the importance of leadership and how leadership is the key distinguishing factor between the men & the boys.All encouragement whether in terms of training, monetary benefits or recognition is given to the leader or one aspiring to be a leader.In such a scenario, would any sensible person pay attention  to a declaration that "It is better to be a good follower than a bad leader?" People tend to take seriously only those activities that are recognized & rewarded.  Therefore, good or bad, everyone would like to get on to the bandwagon of where the action is- to the place where appreciation & recognition is available in plenty.

No training is imparted to people for taking on the role of good followers- inputs on how to appreciate the good qualities & strenghts of other members of your team.How to actually compliment and serve as a team player. It has been observed that in political field also in India,every one wants to be a leader;nobody wants to be a follower.National parties having a vested interest of centralizing power, did not allow any single natural leader to emerge strong in the states. They engineered dissension and fanned the ambitions of rivals for ensuring instability in the states.

If the statement"It is better to be a good follower than a bad leader" is relevant & meaningful, the time is long overdue for taking steps to  encourage  those attributes essential for becoming good followers. There is a need whether in politics or in the industry to get the less experienced  to thoroughly learn the ropes before they aspire to be leaders.The ones having genuine flair  is groomed into the role with the support & good will of those around them.

In such a scenario, there is also a clarity that to serve in politics or to contribute  in an industry, every one need not be a  leader.Great contributions can be made by honest, zealous followers as well!