Saturday, 7 September 2013

All ideas in one place

 Dear fellow HRD ians

I started  this blog with the following post in September 2012.

"HR at crossroads- A new path, a new way is the need of the hour"

Recently the Nehru Group of Institutions invited me to speak  in their 24 hour HR conclave on "HR practices for the next generation"which gave me the platform to tell the management  students everything I have been discussing in the blog .
I have provided the link so that readers can get in one place  everything I wanted to say.
Rest in my next


  1. Thanks KK. However I would like to readers to discuss and debate on the points brought out in the video.As for example do practitioners feel that taking inputs & cooperation of other disciplines relevant for arriving at the HR policy & plans? Do readers agree that reducing tensions & stress in the work place is an important priority of HR?
    Thank you once again for the encouraging words

  2. Reducing stress & Tension at workplace, these two factors are directly related to better health of Individuals & Organisation.
    More Job stress at workplace reduces productivity, gives invitation to health problems and change in behavior. HR dept needs to plan out some effective interventions to give proper work-life balance to its employees, so that they can feel stress free and relax & can focus on work effectively & smartly.

  3. We have experimented with EFT(Emotional freedom technique) and laughter yoga to reduce stress & tension in the work place. Each organization could look at other alternatives that are suitable for serving the same purpose.Thanks to Ankit for sharing his thoughts on the subject.